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Hi, I’m Steph.

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I’m a Boston-based digital strategist with Philadelphia roots. 

Over the years, I’ve gotten my hands dirty with more than just traditional R&D; I’ve shot & produced a few videos, helped design an analytics framework that doubled as a predictive model for EdgeRank, optimized content according to SEO principles, built a few websites with a CMS, managed social media for a Fortune 500 company & gotten PR hits from editors & bloggers by wielding tweets for pitches.

I have a reputation for getting shit done… in the office, and on Xbox. I work collaboratively & break down barriers between teams because good ideas aren’t exclusive to any one discipline. Whether I’m reading people or a brunch menu, my head’s always ready to take on a new challenge. But in the case of brunch, maybe a short stack, too.  

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Whether you want to talk shop, throw out a potential gig, collaborate on a project, or trade notes on a video game, this is a good way to reach me. Introduce yourself, include a few details, and let's make something awesome happen.

Prefer a more social approach?

I came up through social media. You’ll find a few of my usual haunts below. Feel free to say hello there (but make sure you stay within the character limits).