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Hi, I’m Steph.

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I’m a digital strategist with a creative streak. 

Curiosity has yet to kill this cat. I fell into social media because, as a PR grad, people trusted me not to say the wrong thing (and thankfully, I didn’t).  As the discipline got more sophisticated, I did a little SEO. Learned WordPress & created a few websites (like this one). Hopped on the ad agency circuit & refined my strategic POV as a community manager. Went back to school for design, made a few pretty things & produced a video or two.

As digital continues to evolve, I’m rolling up my sleeves to mess around with things more holistically. That means working through UX, strategizing around content & media, and mixing in the right layers of psychographic data to give these digital ecosystems what they need to thrive.

I’m a pretty proud geek, bourbon drinker, casual distance runner, and adopted Philadelphian who’s currently hanging out at allen & gerritsen in Boston. I play nicely with others, except when I’m on Xbox. Let’s chat about making some cool shit together.


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Whether you want to talk shop, throw out a potential gig, collaborate on a project, or trade notes on a video game, this is a good way to reach me. Introduce yourself, include a few details, and let's make something awesome happen.

Prefer a more social approach?

Feel free to tweet at me or shoot me a note on LinkedIn. You can stalk me better that way, anyhow.